How a paramedic became a gin distiller. 

Hey, my name is Adam but my mates call me Horse, and I'm the founder of Horse's Tale Distilling Co. Horse's Tale is located in the heart of the Riverina - Wagga Wagga - NSW. 

I want to tell you the tale about how I started Horse's Tale Distilling Co.

in 2019, i was involved in an accident that changed my life forever

But in true Horse style, as bad luck landed an amazing opportunity emerged.

I was an Intensive Care Paramedic for almost 20 years. And I loved it. But in 2019 I was hit by a car, sustaining severe and significant injuries to my right leg. Although my surgeons tried their best to repair my leg with 7 surgeries, unfortunately I now have a permanent disability meaning I had to give up the career I loved so much. I won't bore you with the details, but it's safe to say my leg is a mess and I wear a customised brace daily that allows me to walk.

I've always appreciated a quality spirit

Friends and family rallied to support me and my favourite moments involved enjoying good food and quality spirits with my mates.

It was a time of laughter, deep conversation, and the kind of stories that only your mates can tell.

It was those moments that raised my spirits.

The drinks we shared inspired me to pursue something new. 

The science and art of producing quality spirits excited me. I dived deep into study, industry networking … and a whole lot of taste testing … and that’s when Horse’s Tale Distilling Co was born.

I had found a new passion, and I was energised to make the best gin and cane spirits I could.

And I've done it.

Horse's Tale Gin offers citrus and sweet, classically anchored in juniper flavour. It's bright and contemporary and pairs perfectly with tonic or just as refreshing in a gin spritzer.

Horse's Tale Cane Spirit reinvents old favourites like the dark'n stormy and rum mule. Sweet and citrus marries smooth vanilla, with the brashness of cassia bark

Let's Raise your spirits

I’m forever grateful for my mates who’ve been with me every step of the way. Horse’s Tale celebrates that mateship, and the new beginnings good fortune can give.

So, get your team together and Raise Your Spirits with Horse’s Tale Distilling Co.