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Horse's Tale Distilling Co



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Horse's Tale Gin offers citrus and sweet, classically anchored in juniper flavour. It's bright and contemporary and pairs perfectly with tonic or just as refreshing in a gin spritzer.

What can you expect from our gin? 

A sensory experience!

At your first smell the juniper is undeniable. Followed by a sweet citrus with floral hints that is sure to puts a smile on your face (because you know what's to come!). But keep holding it to your nose and you'll discover its complexity with a nuttiness from its Australian heritage. 

Once tasted our gin's careful construction is revealed. 

Anchored in juniper flavour, the balance of sweet and citrus has been perfected. Delicate additions of wattle seed and lemon myrtle develop as you savour the mouthfeel. Finally, a lingering spice gently surprises your palate. 

Horse's Tale truly is a journey with a feel-good story, and no matter how you drink your gin, it's always best served with mates. So, gather the ones you love and let's raise your spirits with Horse's Tale Distilling Co.

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